henry River honey


The universe was working its magic the night Shealee Cousino and Tracy Horton met at an open mic night in a local bar in 2013. The two heard each other perform their solo sets and knew without asking, their passions were one and the same. Three years later, Henry River Honey is making their mark on the local scene by producing music that just doesn’t sound like anything else.

With a violin, guitar, and a stripped-down percussion kit, Shealee and Tracy have masterfully crafted the instrumental range of a stage full of musicians. Their voices seem to swim together through deep and powerful lyrics, written straight from the guts of both women. 

Americana, bluegrass, singer-songwriter, deep and dusty blues with a heaping helping of heaven is the only way to accurately describe the sound that just can’t be square- pegged into a round hole. Shealee and Tracy both have a burning passion to move people with their performance. Both describe their music as, “what I was put here to do.” 

Like a deep-treaded set of fresh tires, Henry River Honey has traction. The band has a sound that will bring your hands together in rhythm. Their music will move you right out of your chair and onto the dance floor.

Henry River Honey has carved its niche in the endless sea of artists, and the band is well on its way to becoming a defining force in music.  


"This Charlotte-based Americana duo - Shealee Cousino and Tracy Horton - plays a variety of instruments as they trade off vocals. Foot percussion's kicked around while the ladies play guitar, fiddle, mandolin or focus on their harmonies.  Solid songwriting that can bounce between heart-wrenching and foot tapping keeps HRH's audience focused." 

- Jeff Hahne, Creative Loafing

"Charlotte singer-songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Shealee Cousino and Tracy Horton trade off on vocals and fill out their acoustic sound with violin, mandolin, harmonica, foot percussion, and other textured instruments in this soulful folk duo who celebrates the release of its new EP - think a young Indigo Girls with a broader pallet."

- Courtney Devores, Charlotte Observer